Catalogue raisonné

To mark the centenary of Salvador Dalí’s birth, in 2004 the foundation that bears his name decided to pay tribute to the painter by publishing the first section of the catalogue raisonné of his paintings, which spans the years 1910 to 1930. In 2007 we launched the second part of this work, which deals with Dalí’s paintings up until 1939. We are now introducing the third part, covering the oil paintings until 1951. In the next few years we will analyse the remainder of Dalí’s work: the fourth stage, up until 1964, and the fifth and final stage, which will consider the works until 1983. This major undertaking is being carried out the by technical staff of the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí.

The owners of works by Salvador Dalí are invited to contact us to provide information for the catalogue raisonné of the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí using the form provided in the link below. We can also be contacted via email at ced@(ELIMINAR) and at:

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