News. Portlligat Collection of sculpture by Salvador Dalí

Figueres, December 2017

What until now has been known as the 'Clot Collection' of sculptures, the original pieces in which were created by Salvador Dalí, will from now on be called the Portlligat Collection of sculpture by Salvador Dalí. In this new stage of its existence, the Portlligat Collection has become the reference for editions of Dalinian sculpture.

It will be available to collectors and fans of the genius of Portlligat in reproductions created under a rigorous edition plan authorised by the Dalí Foundation, with all the guarantees offered by Obra Contemporánea 2049. Each edition of the Portlligat Collection is clearly identified by both the documentation that accompanies it and by the inscription on the bronze itself.

This collection will be presented to the public for the first time in Vienna in March 2018, before continuing on to an important exhibition in Berlin in May. For further information and the exhibition programme see: