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  1. The Hallucinogenic Toreador

    Cat. no. P 822

    The Hallucinogenic Toreador

  2. Homage to Guimard I

    Cat. no. P 1069

    Homage to Guimard I

  3. Untitled. Stereoscopic Owl

    Cat. no. P 1110

    Untitled. Stereoscopic Owl

  4. The Young Ladies of Avignon

    Cat. no. P 834

    The Young Ladies of Avignon

  5. Untitled. Male Torso

    Cat. no. P 1075

    Untitled. Male Torso

  6. Portrait of John Theodoracopulos

    Cat. no. P 829

    Portrait of John Theodoracopulos

  7. Path in Púbol

    Cat. no. P 1078

    Path in Púbol

  8. Untitled. Gala

    Cat. no. P 1047

    Untitled. Gala