Research - Centre for Dalinian Studies (CED)

The Centre for Dalinian Studies provides a unique  environment for research related to the personnality and work of Salvador Dalí.

  • Origin and functions of the CED Since 1992, the centre has been entrusted with cataloguing, conserving and studying the Foundation's documentary collection , with the aim of promoting research and better knowledge of Salvador Dalí's work.
  • Documentary collection The wealth of materials kept by the CED constitutes an essential first-hand source for in-depth study of the artist.
  • Researchers For access to our collection, all the necessary information can be consulted here
  • Online archive The digital resources available in this section allow a virtual approach  of the documentary collection kept at the centre.
  • The CED constantly publishes books related  to the exhibitions it organises itself or in collaboration with other cultural institutions. We suggest some of the most outstanding titles published by the Foundation or published together with other organisations.

Downloadable texts

Read our selection of specialised articles and texts, drawn up by the CED staff and focusing on the artist's career and life