• Catalogue Raisonné
    The catalogue raisonné began back in 2004, when celebrating the centenary of the artist's birth. It sets out to gather together and share by means of online publication painstaking and rigorous information about the works forming part of Salvador Dalí's pictorial production over the years 1910 to 1983.
  • Collection
    Many of the works managed by the Dalí Foundation are exhibited in the permanent collections of the Dalí museums, while others form part of the temporary exhibitions organised within and outside the museums, either in the Foundation's own projects or sent on loan to other institutions worldwide. Here you can see a selection of works from the Dalí Foundation collections. Some of them are by other artists, and can also be seen at one or other of the Dalí museums.
  • Acquisitions
    An intense policy of works acquisitions has been carried out since 1991 in order to complete the Dalinian universe kept at the Dalí Theatre-Museum. The objective of the Foundation's acquisitions policy is to understand Salvador Dalí's pictorial evolution, thought and life.
  • Exhibitions
    In accordance with its founding objectives, the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí wants to contribute towards promoting and disseminating the life and work of the painter by presenting temporary exhibitions each year at its own museums and by collaborating with prestigious cultural institutions worldwide.
  • Conservation and Restoration
    The Conservation and Restoration Department has the basic function of achieving one of the main objectives of the Foundation, which consists in preservation and conservation of Salvador Dalí's work in the best possible conditions, with a view to the pleasure the works can provide to future generations.