Preservation - Preventive conservation

Preservation of the "Labyrinth"

Preventive conservation and maintenance reviews of some artistic works and installations can be complicated in the case of large works, such as the backdrop designed by Dalí for the ballet Labyrinth, located beneath the dome of the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres. The spectacular scale (8.8 x 13 metres) required specific logistics and the coordination of an extensive team of restorers and handling technicians. The procedure involved removing surface dirt and dust using brushes and suction appliances, and reinforcing small tears in the fabric. The tempera paint of the backdrop had been applied in dilute form, and this allowed the fabric to be rolled onto a 60 cm diameter cylinder as the cleaning progressed. The condition of the ropes supporting the backdrop was also checked; for safety reasons, they were replaced with new ones using a scene-shifting technique.