Multiple edition by Salvador Dalí

A Multiple Edition by Salvador Dalí is considered to be any edition of sculptures or three-dimensional works made ​​before 23 January 1989 that comprises more than 8 casts + 4 artist's proofs and derives from a model made ​​by Dalí.

This edition must be validated by a contract, signed by Dalí and the foundry before 23 January 1989, specifying the details of the edition. Each of the casts resulting from the edition must be identified by the artist's signature, the edition number and the foundry mark.

Thus a sculpture or three-dimensional object is considered to be a Multiple Work by Salvador Dalí when it is shown that:

(i) it belongs to a limited edition that exceeds the 12 casts made ​​by Dalí during his lifetime and under his supervision

(ii) the (three-dimensional) model used to produce the edition was made by Salvador Dalí in his lifetime

(iii) a contract exists signed by Dalí authorizing the edition

(iv) the dimensions and materials are as authorized by Dalí

(v) the Dalí signature on the work is authentic

(vi) the numbering of the work coincides with one of the casts envisaged for the edition

(vii) the foundry mark corresponds to the foundry that produced the edition

On occasion, the number of editions and the number of casts to be made for each of the editions was not established in the contract, but was probably agreed afterwards. This being so it is absolutely essential that the number of casts in the edition and the edition number of the individual cast appear on the certificate of authenticity signed by Dalí, and in the numbering (marking) on the surface of the work itself. For this reason, the authenticity of each edition and cast will be studied and determined on a case-by-case basis before validating its authenticity.

While it is true that there are positive and negatives aspects in the terms of the contracts signed by Dalí that form the basis of these editions, what seems clear is that the artist was fully aware that what he was authorizing by way of certain multiple editions went beyond and was inherently different from an original edition. This appraisal is based on the comparative reading of roughly contemporary contracts signed by Dalí in which the artist specifically authorized editions limited to 8 casts + 4 artist's proofs. Accordingly, a clear distinction must be made between these two types of edition, and works resulting from them will inevitably be either originals or multiples.