Unique Original Work by Salvador Dalí

Under this heading we recognize any sculpture or three-dimensional work made ​​by the artist himself prior to his death on 23 January 1989 and conceived and made as one single unit; in other words, a work not conceived with the intention of producing additional casts.

Thus a sculpture or three-dimensional object is considered to be a Unique Original Work by Salvador Dalí, when it can be shown that:

(i) it was conceived and made as a single unique unit, by Dalí during his lifetime

In view of the particular nature of Dalí's work, we can identify a variant within this category. Specifically, there are instances where Dalí modified one of his unique original works, the result being new works with the same title which can be defined as equally unique versions. Although there are only a very few specific cases in which we have identified this practice, they must also be included in this classification, with the nomenclature of the Unique Original Version by Salvador Dalí.

It should also be noted that Dalí's production includes various instances of works created as unique originals and subsequently produced as an edition with the artist's authorization. This is the case, for example, of some of his most famous Surrealist objects, conceived as unique works during the 1930s and later reproduced as editions in bronze, during the sixties and seventies, at the express indication of the artist. In such cases we continue to recognize the existence of a unique original work and the subsequent works resulting from the original edition, in line with the criteria set out in the section entitled Original Edition by Salvador Dalí below.