Reproduction of a Work by Salvador Dalí authorized by licence

Under this heading we recognize any other edition of sculpture made ​​posthumously, after the 23 January 1989, by the successors or inheritors of the reproduction rights to the artist's work that is not confined to a limited edition of 8 casts + 4 artist's proofs as detailed in the section entitled Posthumous Original Edition by Salvador Dalí.

Thus a sculpture or three-dimensional object is considered to be a Reproduction of a Work by Salvador Dalí authorized by licence when it is shown that:

(i) the (three-dimensional) model used to make the edition was produced by Salvador Dalí in his lifetime

(ii) a contract exists authorizing the edition and certified by the Fundació Gala-Salvador

(iii) the dimensions and materials are as authorized by Dalí

(iv) the edition has been overseen by the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí

In order to ensure maximum clarity and afford the public a better understanding of these sculptures, legitimated by the reproduction rights to works by Salvador Dalí owned by various companies and institutions, these works will be identified with a marking on their surface with the inscription 'Reproduction of a work by Salvador Dalí authorized by licence'.

As of this time, existing casts of works by Salvador Dalí from such editions will be required to incorporate this inscription.

The authorisation of these reproductions comes from the cession of that right by Dalí himself in a contract signed by him. However, on occasion Dalí was not very explicit in setting the parameters that were to govern the edition of the work, and did not specify such important factors as the precise number of casts, the type of material and the exact dimensions. In light of this we must make a clear distinction between editions derived from contracts that the artist was able to supervise in person, and therefore approve, and editions produced after his death, when the artist was no longer able to supervise and approve them.

On this point the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí is committed to studying in each case the validity of the reproduction rights of third parties, and to validate these where appropriate. In the event of a positive validation, the casts resulting from these posthumous editions will be considered mere reproductions, since they cannot lay claim to the original criteria or to Dalí's personal approval. This being so, the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí does not consider itself authorized to identify a cast derived from such an edition as a work by the artist.

All such casts of sculpture by Salvador Dalí must be classed as merchandising and cannot be assigned any artistic value, or commercial value on the art market. They will not be issued with any form of expertization certificate, and will not be the object of specialist study or be included in the Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture and Three-dimensional Work by Salvador Dalí.