Salvador Dalí House - Portlligat. Access Requirements

Important! The visit to the house-museum is undertaken in restricted-size groups (up to eight people), with entry of each group  every ten minutes from the stated opening time. 

Reservations must always be made in advance to visit Salvador Dalí house in Portlligat.  That applies to all types of visitor. The reservation can be made via the website, by phoning 972 25 10 15, or by e-mail to pll(ELIMINAR)

Tickets can not be changed or refunded for reasons beyond the control of the House-Museum.

On the visit day, you must pick up your ticket 30 minutes before the hour stated. Late arrival means the annulment of your purchase, loss of the tickets without having a right to any refund of the amounts paid & the access to the museum conditioned by the availability of the moment.

The road is 40 km far from Figueres to Portlligat and may take more than one hour. In summer it may even take longer because of the wavy and busy road. Bear this in mind so as to be in time to pick up your ticket half an hour before your booking.

The visit is not guided.

The visit takes about 50 minutes.

All audiovisuals finish 30 minutes before closing time.

No flash photographs may be taken.

Left-Luggage . Entry with objects larger than 25 x 20 x 10 cm, rucksacks, bags, umbrellas, pushchairs or any other object that the authorised personnel consider a risk to museum security may not be brought into the museumVisitors to the Theatre-Museum are requested to deposit all bags, umbrellas, luggage and other large objects at the consignment office.

For safety reasons, packets and bags may be searched at any moment by our staff. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

It is forbidden to touch any of the works or settings exhibited.

Smoking, eating and drinking in the House is forbidden.

The Management reserves the right to refuse admission.

No animals are allowed to enter, except for guide dogs for the blind.

it is strictly forbidden to store bulky bags, living beings, jewellery, money, valuables and items that are dangerous or pose a threat to public health and safety.