Centre for Dalinian Studies

Founded in 1992, the Centre for Dalinian Studies (CED) is located in the iconic Torre Galatea - the building in which Dalí lived the last years of his life. Its main objective is to preserve, catalogue and study the documentary collection that it houses, as well as to foster research into the most diverse aspects of the oeuvre and life of Salvador Dalí.

The quality and diversity of the documentary collection which is kept, enriched and increased by means of a very active acquisitions policy, has allowed us to make available to researchers the most complete archives and library about the life and work of Salvador Dalí, the avant-garde and surrealism.

Notable among the various tasks the CED carries out is the preparation of the catalogue raisonné of Salvador Dalí paintings, the publication of books and studies, the conception and organisation of temporary exhibitions and the drawing up of exhibition catalogues for such events. The centre likewise collaborates with the other Foundation's departments and advises the Dalí Theatre-Museum management.

Centre for Dalinian Studies  Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation
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Torre Galatea.
Pujada del Castell, 28

E-17600 Figueres. Catalonia

Tel. (+34) 972 67 75 14

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