Documentary Collection. Correspondence

  • Hand-written letter from Matila Ghyka to Salvador Dalí, c 1947

  • Hand-written letter from René Magritte to Gala and Salvador Dalí, 1940

  • Hand-written letter from Stephan Zweig to Salvador Dalí, 1937

  • Hand-written postcard from Man Ray to Salvador Dalí, 1933

  • Hand-written letter from Federico García Lorca to Salvador Dalí, July 1927

The Centre for Dalinian Studies  also holds the letters, drafts of letters, postcards, telegrams, notes, envelopes and sundry documents that Salvador and Gala Dalí received over the course of their lives and that are a part of the artist legacy.

First, the CED team  reads  them and then proceeds  with  their cataloguing , digitization  and storage  . The information provided by  these documents , both content andform , is fed into a database.  This way,the information can  be retrieved using various types of researches.

Cataloguing helps us  enlarge and deepen  our knowledge of  the artist's production and  Gala and Dalí as individuals. as well as discover  new fields of research. Through the correspondence, for example, we obtain  new information on certain works that Dali were commissioned  to do: paintings, portraits, advertisement and various designs, among others. Futhermore, thanks' to the exhange of letters ,we can also follow the execution of projects such as exhibitions, journeys, publications, talks, discussions, etc. 

Increasingly over time, the documents forming part of this collection are becoming a valuable loan as documentary support for the works presented in Dali exhibitions , whether it is  large-scale retrospectives or monographic exhibitions. Finally, at an  internal level, the correspondence provides us with important information which is most useful when it comes to completing research projects such as the catalogue raisonné of paintings or studies about Salvador Dalí's sculptures and graphic works.