News. Ronaldinho visits the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres

19 December 2003

Mundo Deportivo sports daily wanted to dedicate its End-of-Year special edition to the FC Barcelona star, Ronaldinho. Coinciding with the centenary of Salvador Dalí’s birth, the footballer requested that the report interview be held at the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres.

This special edition was published on 28 December. On its front cover, the sports daily ran the headline: “Ronaldinho amazed by his visit to the Dalí Museum just as the painter’s centenary year about to open”. The footballing genius showed great enthusiasm for the Museum and its works and said that he would like to return in order to get to know Dalí better.

In the company of the journalist Cristina Cubero and Juanjo Castillo, a member of the Barça communications office, together with two relatives and the photographer Manel Montilla, Ronaldinho left the Foundation with fond memories of him: he surprised us all agreeably by his spontaneity and generosity when it came to allowing himself to be photographed, as well as signing autographs and even, at his own initiative, dedicating one of his playing shirts to the Theatre-Museum.