News. The backdrop Labyrinth under restoration

Figueres, 17 January 2005

The restoration works have today begun on the backdrop for the ballet called Labyrinth designed by Salvador Dalí, which he located under the dome, at the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres. Its spectacular measurements: 8,8 x 13 metres, has lead the Conservation and Restoration department adapt special logistics in coordination with the museum and a group of restorers from the Universitat de Barcelona, so as to successfully carry out this task, that will last one week.

The procedure followed is basically cleaning the dirt and superficial dust with brushes and vacuum cleaners, as well as consolidating little tears on the canvas. The temple had been applied on the cloth in a diluted way, and thus, this has allowed us to roll it in a 60 cm diameter cylinder and preserve it just after cleaning is completed. Next Monday 24, while the museum is closed to the public like every Monday in low season, the backdrop will be again placed in its original location.