News. The new cupola of the Dalí Theatre-Museum

Figueres, 30 June, 1998

With the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation rebuilt the geodesic cupola of the Dalí Theatre-Museum in 1998, in what was one of the most technically complex projects carried out since the museum was inaugurated. 

Reconstruction of this architectural feature, which symbolises the museum and the city of Figueres, was considered in the light of the deterioration suffered by some of the original materials and the need to control the light and temperature inside the museum to the greatest possible extent. In 1997 the Foundation issued an invitation to tender to specialised companies. The chosen project was that presented by Talleres Inox, S.A. Expert direction of the plans and of execution of the work itself was entrusted to a team of architects from Barcelona - Clotet, Paricio i Assoc. 

The project was executed over the months from March to June 1998, and the various phases of removal of the former cupola and construction of the new one were carried out without giving rise to any interference in the normal opening times of the Dalí Theatre-Museum. The "new" cupola of the Dalí Theatre-Museum is exactly the same as the one that was built originally, although the new materials and techniques used for the new cupola allow optimum conservation conditions to be maintained inside the museum.