News. The Dalí Foundation leads a Creative Europe Programme

Figueres, 17th May 2022

The Dalí Foundation has secured funding for a cooperation project within the Creative Europe Programme (CREA). This organization is the leader of this project, which is entitled 'Innovation and Best Practice for International Standards on Sculpture Study and Management'. The Consortium has two partners, the Rodin Museum of Paris, and CBM & Partners Studio Legale of Milano, an Italian law firm with great expertise in art law. Moreover, there are also two associated partners: the Reina Sofía Museum of Madrid (which has got some sculptures by Dalí and other contemporary artists among its collection) and The Henry Moore Institute of Leeds, United Kingdom.

The aim of this project is setting up artistic standards, non-existing to date, for the study and management of the sculptural work within the European Union. These standards shall be applied to the work of established artists such as Salvador Dalí and Aguste Rodin, as well as living artists. They will obviously adapt the specific regulations of each country. Work is expected to start in Spain, France and Italy and to further expand to other European states.

The project's starting point is the Dalí Foundation's and the Rodin Museum's knowledge about the artists they represent. It also counts on the expertise achieved from the study and catalogue of their artworks.

The results of this project will define and classify, on a systematic basis, original works, multiple works, and reproductions of works of a wide range of sculptors. This will also benefit the management of emerging artists in the three-dimensional field. The aim is to give the sculptural production visibility and professionalization to the sector through a network of European collaboration.

The main innovative aspect in this project is the fact that standards will be implemented through Blockchain technology. The main advantage is the possibility of identifying each work thanks to a permanent encrypted record that can't be corrupted nor counterfeited.

The funding ensured by the European Union to this project is 200,000€, 80% of which will be managed by the Fundació Dalí. This project is led by the Centre for Dalinian Studies. The members of the Dalí Foundation engaged in the project are Montse Aguer, senior expert and main advisor, Laura Bartolomé, senior expert and project manager, Isabella Kleinjung, senior expert and legal advisor, Clara Silvestre, assistant to the project manager, and Anisa Chaer, responsible of administration.

The duration of the project is two years. In order to disseminate the results, a specific website is expected to be launched, and an international conference held.