News. Gala Castle reopens for the season

Púbol, 15th March 2023

Gala's Castle in Púbol is reopen for the season since 15th March until 6th January 2024.

Here you may buy tickets and here you may check opening times and ticket prices.

The temporary exhibition on show is Gala’s Púbol. Illusion and reality. The title stands for the name Dalí himself gave to one of the scrolls that make up the skylight tablet in the Castle's Piano Room. The starting point is Gala, and Púbol as the image of Gala. The Lady of the Castle whom Dalí brings blindfolded to Púbol, where he offers her the castle as a gift. She accepts on the only condition that he can only visit her by written invitation. This exhibition starts with a portrait of Gala, an enigmatic portrait on copper that gives it a luminosity different from that of the fabric. The exhibition approach places us in front of the illusion-reality duality. It prompts us to restart the visit in Room 1 of the Castle and verify on the ground what Dalí projected from his studio. At the same time, Gala's image from the drawings and her hyperrealistic portrait tell us about the illusion of time that permeates all the decorative resources. Each of the drawings reinforces the feeling that the house-castle in Púbol, unlike the house-workshop in Portlligat, is a chamber of its own for Gala where time stops and meets again.