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Book and document collection

The Centre for Dalinian Studies has the following Archives material:


The CED manages what had formerly been Salvador Dalí’s personal library, which upon the painter’s death was moved from the Portlligat house to Torre Galatea.
This collection allows us to gain a good idea of the various subjects that interested Dalí, ranging from the more strictly artistic through to psychology and taking in philosophy, science and literature. It also contains some books in Russian that had belonged to Gala.

The CED has carried out an active policy of book, catalogue and specialised journal purchasing, as well as acquiring a significant number of works on the avant-garde, surrealism in general and Dalí’s person and oeuvre in particular, so that the collection now stands at over 8,036 volumes.


The manuscripts make up a goodly part of the documentation kept at the CED, with 537 manuscripts plus the 1,728 pages from his autobiography entitled Secret Life, allowing us to trace the huge production of Dalí the writer.



Press and magazines/journals

The press section forms an extensive documentary collection made up of 41,000 items that have now been digitalised and span the period from 1918 to 1973, allowing us to study Dalí’s activity over the course of his career. The articles covering the period between 1974 and 1989 have yet to be digitalised.

As regards periodic publications, we have a collection of 3,500 Spanish/Catalan and international magazines and journals, including most notably L’Amic de les Arts, Documents, La Gaceta Literaria, Minotaure, Le Surréalisme au Service de la Révolution, Valori Plastici, Variété, and so forth.



The Centre for Dalinian Studies photograph archive contains some 9,000 images, not all of which have yet been digitalised. They span all periods in Salvador Dalí’s life.
The Centre also has the Meli Collection, made up of some period pictures but basically negatives and contact prints (some 8,000) and the Eric Schaal Collection of 68 period copies, 43 colour slides and 218 negatives.
The Gala Salvador-Dalí Foundation manages the rights on this collection, as well as on the photographs of Dalí taken by the photographers Oriol Maspons, Francesc Català-Roca, Ricard Sans and Xavier Miserachs.


The CED is also depository of the correspondence that Salvador Dalí kept up throughout his life, although so far it has only been collated down to 1952.


Some 5,000 leaflets related with the exhibitions that Salvador Dalí organised have been conserved, though there are also others covering the many activities undertaken right down to today.

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