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  1. The Fireworks

    Cat. no. P 207

    The Fireworks

  2. The Figueres Fair

    Cat. no. P 106

    The Figueres Fair

  3. Still Life with Pears

    Cat. no. P 100

    Still Life with Pears

  4. Still Life with Grapes

    Cat. no. P 99

    Still Life with Grapes

  5. Still Life with Scorpion-Fish

    Cat. no. P 98

    Still Life with Scorpion-Fish

  6. Still Life with Aubergines

    Cat. no. P 96

    Still Life with Aubergines

  7. Cabaret Scene

    Cat. no. P 89

    Cabaret Scene

  8. Madrid, Architecture and Poplars

    Cat. no. P 93

    Madrid, Architecture and Poplars

  9. Landscape of Madrid

    Cat. no. P 108

    Landscape of Madrid

  10. Villa Pepita

    Cat. no. P 58

    Villa Pepita

  11. Two Girls

    Cat. no. P 347

    Two Girls