Work Team

Publication of the Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings by Salvador Dalí was carried out between 2004 and 2017, in several phases: the first phase covered the paintings from the years up to 1929; the second, to 1939; the third to 1951, the fourth to 1964 and the fifth and last up to 1983. Inevitably, the composition of the technical team has changed over the last 15 years, and the names of the people involved in the project since its origin are given below, together with the corresponding chronological stages.

Carlos Pérez de Rozas, Salvador Dalí painting the work Gala Placidia in his studio in Portlligat, c. 1952.


Montse Aguer i Teixidor, Director of the Dalí Museums and the Centre for Dalinian Studies.

Carme Ruiz González, senior curator of the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí.

Scientific advisors:

Fèlix Fanés, Professor of History of Art at the UAB and advisor to the Centre for Dalinian Studies until 2004.

Antoni Pitxot, Director of the Dalí Museums until 2015.

Technico-artistic advice:

Georgina Berini, conserver-restorer, until 2004.

Irene Civil Plans, head of the Conservation and Restoration Department.



Carme Ruiz González

Fiona Mata Echeverry, coordinator of the Centre for Dalinian Studies.

Research and documentation:

  • In the first section, works until 1929: Carme Ruiz (CED) and Rosa Aguer (register). This team was advised by Georgina Berini, conservator-restorer, and Felix Fanés, Professor of Art History at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and advisor to the CED.
  • In the second phase, works up to 1939: Carme Ruiz González, Rosa Maria Maurell Constans, Mireia Roura and Anna Otero

  • In the third phase, works up to 1951: Carme Ruiz González and Anna Otero

  • In the fourth phase, works up to 1964: Carme Ruiz González and Anna Otero

  • In the fifth phase, works up to 1983: Carme Ruiz González, Fiona Mata Echeverry and Anna Otero

The process of study of the works has involved the collaboration of the team at the Centre for Dalinian Studies: Laura Bartolomé Roviras, Bea Crespo, Rosa Maria Maurell Constans, Lucia Moni and Clara Silvestre Colomer (and, previously, Fanny Estela, Michela Frontino and Cuca R. Costa).

Here at the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí we wish to express our gratitude to the following people whose participation has contributed so much to the success of this project: Julia Pine, Paul Dorsey, Paul Chimera and Karl-Heinz Klumpner, who shared with us their researches into the portraits painted by Salvador Dalí; Elliott King, who gave us the benefit of his knowledge of the later Dalí; Mario González Lares, who provided us with a wealth of useful information, and the various private collectors, who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Special thanks are due to the interns at the Centre for Dalinian Studies who have supported the documentation tasks: Esther Álvarez, Mónica Álvarez, Ariadna Arbolí Pujol, Giulia Balestrieri, Maria Carreras Oliva, Andrea Consalvi, Arthur Defond, Maria Diletta Dinuzzi, Yvne Dos Reis Faria, Núria García-Arbós i Mata, Eloïse Gentié, Stefania Giammarino, Marina Gluckman, Diletta Iacucci, Louise Nicolas de Lamballerie, Evangelia Liaskou, Caroline Marcianiak, Adelaide Maresca, Maralina Moore, Marisa Papa, Hélène Planquelle, Aleksandra Szulimowska, François de Tarde, Irene Viola Totaro and Aleksandra Wróblewsla.


Coordination: Cinzia Azzini, in charge of digital media at the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, and Bea Crespo, coordinator of the Centre for Dalinian Studies.

Conceptualization: Centre for Dalinian Studies and LaMagnética

Graphic design: LaMagnética

Layout and development: Antaviana

Database, BackOffice and Webservice: EPI, Estudis i Projectes Informàtics

Technical coordination: LaMagnética

Rights management: Mercedes Aznar Laín

Revision of texts and translation: Pilar Daniel (Catalan and Spanish), Subtil (Catalan and Spanish in the fifth phase), Marielle Lemarchand (French) and Graham Thomson (English)