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  • The women photograph Dalí

    With the exhibition The women photograph Dalí, we are delving into the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí collection to present fourteen photographs taken by a series of modern, well-travelled and free-spirited women who chose photography as their form of expression and whose common denominator was Salvador Dalí.

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  • Salvador Dalí, Apprentice Painter

    Dalí Theatre-Museum

    On 14 November 1925, Salvador Dalí's first solo exhibition opened at the Galeries Dalmau in Barcelona. The painter was only 21 years old. The works in the exhibition showed two aspects that would alternate and complement one another throughout his career: a return to order and tradition, and a search for the most experimental. These two confluences can be clearly seen in the five oils...

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  • Salvador Dalí, Gala, Ricardo Sans

    Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol

    90 pictures of Gala and Salvador Dalí between 1949 and 1956 by Ricardo Sans are shown as well as different documents.

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  • Dalí. Stereoscopic images. Painting in three dimensions

    Dalí Theatre-Museum, from 15/12/2016 to 31/12/2017

    The exhibition is entitled Dalí. Stereoscopic images. Painting in three dimensions and it will remain open throughout year 2017. Six pairs of stereoscopic works will be on display accompanied by equipment to observe the three-dimensional effects.

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  • Salvador Dalí

    Tokyo, 13th September 2016

    Tokyo, 13th September 2016. The Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí is pleased to announce that the temporary exhibition which was seen in Kyoto (Japan), from 1st July until 4th September celebrated today its official opening at the National Art Centre in Tokyo. It will be on show until next 12th December. This project became true thanks to the enthusiasm of Yomiuri Shimbun who takes part in the...

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  • Dreams, night walks and experiences

    Dalí Theatre-Museum, Figueres

    A new temporary exhibition was inaugurated at the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres entitled Of Dreams, Night Walks and Experiences. There are 23 works on display: 18 wash drawings and five drawings with a common theme: the period in which Salvador Dalí lived in Madrid, between 1922 and 1926. Among these pieces is the latest work acquired by the Foundation, Salvador Dalí and Maruja Mallo at the...

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  • Variants from Dali’s mustache

    Dalí Theatre-Museum

    The exhibition consists of 23 portraits of Salvador Dalí by photographer Philippe Halsman for the project Dali's mustache. The show is entitled Variants from Dali's mustache and can be seen  from 18th April until 31st December in the Loggias Room.

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  • Salvador Dalí. Surrealist and Classicist

    Saint Petersburg (Russia), 31-03-2017 / 02-07-2017

    The exhibition emphasizes the different periods of the artistic career of Salvador Dalí, from Surrealism and Classicism to the importance of the Italian Renaissance in the work of Salvador Dalí. The show will be on from 1st April until 2nd July.

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  • Dalí. Il sogno del classico

    Pisa, from 01/10/2017 to 19/02/2017

    Temporary exhibition at Palazzo Blu, in Pisa, Italy. It is devoted to the influence of Italian Classicism on Dalí's work. The show focuses on the importance of Italy and Renaissance in Dalí's work. It includes 149 artworks which comprise from 1945 until 1982: 145 works come from the Dalí Foundation, 3 from the Salvador Dalí Museum in Saint Petersburg (Florida) and 1 from the...

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  • Dalí, Shakespeare, Visconti

    Gal Dalí Castle in Púbol

    The temporary exhibition at Púbol is dedicated to Salvador Dalí's involvement in the theatre production of Shakespeare's As you like it directed by Luchino Visconti at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome in 1948.

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