Salvador Dalí: Dream of Venus

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    Cover of the Catalog

This exhibition, already displayed in Figueres, travelled to the United States, where it was viewed from 14 March to 30 June 2002 at the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art (*MoCA). The exhibition recreated the surrealist pavilion that Dalí designed for the New York's World's Fair held in June of the 1939, and examined the impact of Dalí's creation on the acceptance of surrealism on the part of the American public.

The exhibition was very well-received by the American public, as reflected by the art supplement of The New York Times, where Bonnie Clearwater, Director and Head Curator of the MoCA, described Dalí's pavilion as "pre-happening and pre-Warhol". This same publication highlighted the fact that art savants who visited the Fair were immensely surprised because they had no prior knowledge of Dalí's pavilion.

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Queens Museum of Art, New York, 22/06/2003 - 22/09/2003


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