Salvador Dalí: The Late Work

  • Cover of the Catalog

    Cover of the Catalog

This exhibition places emphasis on one of the lasser-known and studied periods of Salvador Dalí. It takes 1940 as its starting point, coinciding with the artist's arrival in the United States and with the annuncement of his so-called "classical" period.

Over the following four decades, Dalí remained concerned with the same themes as had motivated him in his younger years, while at the same time he launched into new subject-matter: nuclear mysticism, science, religion, optical illusions, the world of the advertising, cinema and the theatre, among others. The relationship he maintained throughout the course of his artistic career with the masters of the past such as Vermeer, Raphael or Michelangelo alternated with collaborations with varius contemporary artist, as in the case of the photographer Philippe Halsman.