Saturday, February 19, 2000. 10 P.M.

Teatre Municipal El Jardí, Figueres

The Golden Gospel Singers was founded in 1990 by Bob Singleton, who remains the group's principle songwriter and Producer. Bob was joined immediately by Charlie Creath, of St. Louis, Missouri, who is the groups lead arranger and musical supervisor.

The Golden Gospel Singers have grown with their audience and fans, bringing them the incredible power and variety of gospel music, "Black American Style".

In the early days of The Golden Gospel Singers, all artists came from Harlem, USA, where Bob grew up and attended school. Today, however, touring artists are chosen in cities all over the USA, coast to coast, from Los Angeles to New York, and many places in between. Their new recording, "Pure" (Koch International Records, produced by Just Music) will be released in October 1999, and becomes their second new CD in as many years. Along with "Beyond Y2K" these new recording projects really show the amazing growth of GGS and variety offered by GGS concerts. Bob says, "while Charlie and I enjoy taking the singers into the recording studio, GGS will always be a live performance group FIRST. The stage is where we really touch the people in a special way". A GGS program will take you from African melodie to Mahalia Jackson, to Hip Hop and Rap, and throw in a little "GGS Aerobics", just for the fun of it. "CLAP YOUR HANDS, JUMP UP AND DOWN" for The Golden Gospel Singers.

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