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  • Theatre. Salvador Dalí, his masks and sets. Don Juan Tenorio at the Teatro Maria Guerrero in Madrid

    Date of broadcast: 14/11/1949
    Source: NO-DO
    Language:  Spanish
    Intervention by Salvador Dalí from 06min 40s

  • Paco Ibáñez Canción del jinete

    Date of broadcast: 21/07/1965
    Programme: Discorama
    Source: INA
    Language: French

  • Swim-suits by Dalí. Novelties of the Cadaqués painter

    Date of broadcast: 14/06/1965
    Source: NO-DO
    Language: Spanish
    Intervention by Salvador Dalí from 08min 45s

  • Salvador Dalí and Paco Rabanne. Report filmed in the fashion boutiques of Paris. Salvador Dalí and Paco Rabanne give their opinions on this new trend

    Date of broadcast: 16/04/1967
    Programme: Bouton rouge
    Source: INA
    Language: French