Dalí in New York

  • Philippe Halsman, <em>Dalí in New York</em>, 1965 array())

    Philippe Halsman, Dalí in New York, 1965

Year: 1965
Director: Jack Bond
Length: 57 min.

Over Christmas 1965, Dalí and the film director and producer Jack Bond got together to shoot this film, essentially a documentary, in which Dalí is once again the protagonist. The core of the film is the conversation-cum-interview between the artist and the Welsh film director, screenwriter, actress and poet Jane Arden (1927-1982), who questions him about his conception of art. The footage, which was shot at different locations in New York City and reflects different moments in the artist's creative and social life, takes in a book, the preparation and opening of two exhibitions of Dalí's work, and various performances, of note among these being the one that ends the film, in which we see Dalí painting to the sound of the flamenco music of the guitarist Manitas de Plata and the singer José Reyes.

Throughout the film we see Dalí interacting with the people around him, who share their impressions and opinions of his work. Here once again we see Dalí's interest in the mass media and particularly in film, which he used as an instrument of self-promotion.