Audiovisual Projects

Salvador Dalí was one of the first artists to realise the enormous potential of mass media as a method of self-promotion. Hence the image of provocateur and performer he so liked to cultivate remains with us today.

The Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí wishes to follow his example and encourage the use of audiovisual materials to inform the public at large about the figure, work and iconic places of this genius from the Empordà region, and about its museums.

Over and beyond the contents of the Dalí Film Library, which reveals Dalí's fascination for image, we explore the self-produced audiovisual projects with a profound awareness of the value of historic memory and the need to preserve it.

These creations are intended to gather together testimonies from relatively recent history and to make them known. The people very closely connected to Salvador Dalí, such as his friend and director of the Dalí Theatre-Museum, Antoni Pitxot (05/01/1934 - 12/06/2015), and the documents through which Dalí personally tells of his work and thoughts are therefore a focus of special interest.

In this task, the documentary support of the wealth of materials from the documentary collections of the Centre for Dalinian Studies has been crucial. The work of documentation undertaken both at this archive and in other Spanish and international film libraries have allowed for the recovery and dissemination of invaluable period archive images and photographs.

In 2021 a platform was launched with the aim of offering global audience the trilogy of documentaries produced by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation: is an on-demand video platform which offers three hours of documentaries about Salvador Dalí in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

Promotional Video for The Dalinian Triangle