Synopsis of Dalí’s Last Masterpiece

Synopsis of <em>Dalí’s Last Masterpiece</em> Fundació Gala - Salvador Dalí

This documentary shows the Dalí Theatre-Museum as it has never been seen before and also reveals the artist's creative process both through his own persona and that of his friend and painter Antoni Pitxot (05/01/1934 - 12/06/2015).

Dalí's Last Masterpiece makes us a privileged audience to the magic and mystery of art.


Year: 2015
Directed by: David Pujol
Script: Montse Aguer and David Pujol
Producer: Ivan Carrero
Photography: Ivan Carrero
Film editor and sound: Jordi Muñoz
Documentalist: Lucia Moni
Length:  cinema version 70 min / TV version 55 min

A documentary produced by  Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí and filmed by DocDoc Films with the collaboration of the Abertis Foundation.