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Dalí i Domènech, Salvador

Figure. Barcelona Mannequin

Oil on canvas
198 x 148 cm
Dalí Theatre-Museum

Work present in the Exhibition of Catalan pictorial Modernism confronted by a selection of works by foreign avant-garde artists, held between the 16th of October and 6th of November 1926 in the Dalmau galleries in Barcelona. Sebastià Gasch wrote in the preface of show: “Modern painting is no more than the same painting that all the grand periods of art history have known; the same painting, but stripped of all the extra-artistic concerns that disfigured it on occasions and which prostituted it in the majority of cases”. We can see the triple silhouette of the head, with the suggestive and descriptive shadows. The mannequin is made up of different forms and symbolic elements such as the eye, the half-moon, the fish with its sexual symbolism or the garter.

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  • Figure. Barcelona Mannequin

    Figure. Barcelona Mannequin