Gala/Dalí: Image and Mirror

  • Gala/Dalí: Image and Mirror

    Gala/Dalí: Image and Mirror

Mirall, the Catalan word for 'mirror', from the Latin mīracŭlum, 'wonder, marvel, amazing event' (deriving from mīrus'wonderful, astonishing').

The images inhabited by Gala and Salvador Dalí never fail to fascinate whoever looks at them. In this exhibition, the journey through the lives of the artist and the muse brings to light thought-provoking connections between the photographs that immortalize them. We thus find ourselves in a kind of game of mirrors which invites us to transcend the world of appearances and engage with and challenge the collective memory.

This exhibition is curated by Rosa M. Maurell and Bea Crespo with the scientific direction of Montse Aguer, Director of the Dalí Museums.

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