News. The Dalí Museums received 1.3 million visitors in 2016

Figueres, 9th January, 2017

The Dalí Foundation informs that the three Dalí Museums received 1,368,755 visitors in 2016.

In detail this amount corresponds to:

- Dalí Theatre-Museum and Dalí·Jewels gallery, Figueres: 1,134,234 visitors, this represents a decrease of 2.4% compared to year 2015.

- Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol: 85,897 visitors, it represents a decrease of 2.43% compared to year 2015.

- Salvador Dalí House-Museum in Portlligat: 148,624 visitors, this represents an increase of 7.03% compared to year 2015, thanks to the visitable area of the Olive Garden which was extended in 2015.

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Visitors at Gala's Castle in Púbol Visitors at Gala's Castle in Púbol


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