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The Authorizing and Cataloguing Committee studies paintings and drawings, except for minor works, series, manuscripts or autographs so as to determine their authorship. If you are interested in this service, fill in the form below and we will contact you to coordinate the work's delivery at the Foundation's headquarters. You must bear in mind that the Dalí Foundation's insurance does not cover for works that do not belong to its collection. If you want to ship or bring a work, please consider its insurance for the transport and stay here not less than three months. If you do so from abroad, take the toll procedure into account. We recommend you to ship the work without frame but duly protected.

If you just want to inform us about a work by Salvador Dalí you have in your collection, we will appreciate your sending us an e-mail to ced(ELIMINAR)

If the work you have is one of a series, such as an engraving, lithograph, jewel, sculpture, etc., we regret not being able to offer at present a service that allows us to know about a work's authenticity or legitimacy. We hope we will be able to do so in a short period of time. Feel free to come back to this web site for updated information.

Authorizing and Cataloguing Committee
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