Le devenir géologique (Geological Destiny)

© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Figueres, 2007

Cat. no. P 327

Le devenir géologique (Geological Destiny)


Oil on wood panel
21 x 16 cm
Signed and dated lower right corner: [...] Salvador Dali / febrier 1933
Private collection


  1. Julien Green, Paris


In Julien Greens' memoirs, "Les années faciles", we read the following about this work: "28 February. The day before yesterday to Dalí's place to pick up my painting since this is my month. Twelve people have committed to give the painter a sort of small rent for this year, in exchange for which, each person will receive either a large or a small painting plus two drawings. We drew lots to see who would get which month. To my delight, February is my month, which has exempted me from waiting a long time. I have the choice of a big painting with an admirable rocky landscape in the background and in the foreground a kind of Russian general with sideburns, naked and with his head sadly inclined showing his cranium stuffed with shells and pearls.; and a small canvas which he calls "Devenir géologique", and that shows a horse in the process of being transformed into a rock in the middle of the desert. Dalí is leaving for Spain and talks with horror of the customs formalities and of the thousands of little inconveniences of a train trip, since he's a bit like a child who is frightened by life (Julien Green, "Les années faciles, journal 1926-1934", Paris, 1961, p. 376-377).


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