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One of the initiatives that show the great popularity of Salvador Dalí is the Amics dels Museus Dalí (Friends of the Dalí Museums) association.

Founded in 1993 under the presidency of Ms Lola Mitjans, the association has more than five hundred members around the world, which makes it a dynamic, popular and fully consolidated entity.

The purpose of Amics dels Museus Dalí is to disseminate the image and the museum work of the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, the Gala-Dalí Castle in Púbol and the Salvador Dalí Museum-House in Portlligat, while being at the same time a meeting place for a number of people who doubtless share an admiration for Dalí.

The Amics dels Museus Dalí association engages in a wide range of activities: gatherings/dinners with guests invited to talk about subjects relating to Salvador Dalí (guests have included Modest Cuixart, Baltasar Porcel, Xavier Corberó, Pedro Aldámiz, etc.), surrealistic window-dressing competitions in Figueres shops, film projections, conference series, concerts, excursions and cultural trips.

We might also mention that Amics dels Museus Dalí acquired an etching by Salvador Dalí called Sailors. Also worthy of special mention is its perhaps still more important latest contribution - the gift to Figueres Town Hall of two giant Dalí and Gala look-alike figures for use in festivals, presented in society in May 1999.

Friends of the Dalí Museum
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