Documentary Collection. Newspaper and Periodical Library

  • Numéro du cinquantenaire 1921/1971 réalisé par Salvador Dalí, Vogue, New York, 12/1971-01/1972

  • Dali News by Salvador Dalí, New York, no. 2, 25/11/1947

  • Cover illustrated by Salvador Dalí, Vogue, New York, 01/12/1946

  • Cover illustrated by Salvador Dalí, Et Cetera, New York, 05/1946

  • Cover, Time, New York, no. 24, 14/12/1936

  • Cover illustrated by Salvador Dalí, Minotaure, Paris, no. 8, 15/06/1936

  • Salvador Dalí, L’Amic de les Arts, Sitges, no. 31, 31/03/1929

The newspaper and periodical library constitutes an extensive documentary collection consisting of 68,600 digitised articles, spanning the years 1918 to 1989 and allowing Dalí's activity to be studied over the course of his artistic career.

Among these articles, about 35,000 are press clippings that form part of the artist's collection, as he had subscribed to various agencies that provided him with press coverages and magazines in which his name appeared.

As regards to periodical publications, we have a collection of over 5,000 magazines, both local, national and international, notable among which are L'Amic de les Arts, Documents, La Gaceta Literaria, Minotaure, Le Surréalisme au Service de la Révolution, Valori Plastici and Variétés.

An in-depth analysis of this collection allows us to see how the artist appeared more and more often in the print media, which shows how involved he was in the projects in which he took part. Through publications such as Dali News, of which he published two issues over the course of 1945-1947, or the issue 522 of Vogue magazine, which he created for the 50th anniversary of the magazine (1971-1972), we can see that the artist aspired to cover the entire spectrum of conception and design.