Dalí, Painting and Film

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    Cover of the Catalog

The show proposes that Dalí's personal engagement with cinema-as a filmgoer, a screenwriter, a filmmaker, and an art director-was fundamental to his understanding of modernism and deeply affected his art. Comprising a gallery presentation of more than 130 paintings, drawings, scenarios, letters and films, the exhibition explores the central role of cinema in Dalí's work as both an inspiration and an outlet for experimentation.

Film was a passion for Dalí and cinematic vision became a model for his own work. In the sixth-floor galleries, collaborations between Dalí and legendary filmmakers, including Luis Buñuel, Walt Disney, and Alfred Hitchcock, are projected on large screens alongside his paintings to show the way ideas, iconography, and pictorial strategies are shared and transformed across mediums. The

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Tate Modern (London), LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Salvador Dalí Museum of San Petersburgo (Florida), Museum of Modern Art -MOMA- (New York).

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