News. Latest events in Púbol and Portlligat

Púbol and Portlligat, August 2009


From 20 August to 30 September, the last acquisition of work will be exhibited in the Púbol Castle. The Surrealist Piano is a drawing done from 1937 to illustrate a film that was projected by Dalí together with the Marx Brothers.

Portlligat: THE POTS TOUR

On 4 August, a new space was incorporated to the visit of the Salvador Dalí house in Portlligat. A round building placed in the olive grove the artist used as a secondary workshop. It had been the setting of many artistic actions, with transparent glass skylights to paint the models' feet such as those in The Wind Palace (Noble Room, Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres), as well as some mechanisms for blowing up balloons in the ceiling, and with pieces of fired clay with holes and embedded into the outer wall in such a way as to produce an echo when the tramuntana or the mestral winds blew strongly.