News. Workshop at Dalí Museum: Let's celebrate Carnival with a Surrealist Dinner!

Saturdays 9th, 16th and 23rd February 2013

Our inspiration for this workshop comes, as always, from the life and work of Salvador Dalí. He used to say that painting and eating are almost the same thing and that eating is like looking at a painting. That might explain why his paintings are full of fried bacon, beans, lamb chops, sea urchins, fish, pomegranates, lobsters, bread, eggs, crayfish, spoons, forks, wine and water glasses, tables, tablecloths,...Shall we play, like he did, with all these eating things?



Saturday 9/02/2013 FULL

Saturday 16/02/2013 FULL

Saturday 23/02/2013

Time: 11 h.
Limited numbers of participants.
Children aged 5-12 accompanied by an adult.
Bookings: Education Service at Fundació Dalí, tel. 972 67 75 18 o mail: difusio(ELIMINAR)
Price:10 € (per adult and per child)