News. A catalogue gathers the acquisitions of Dalí's works

Madrid, 25 september 2007

He states: “the purpose of this publication is to put before the public the works by Salvador Dalí acquired by the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí in the years 1991-2006, works that have substantially enriched the artist’s last great creation: the Dalí Theatre-Museum of Figueres. The acquisitions have been made through funds generated by the Fundació itself without external aid of any kind. They comprise an ensemble of 31 oil paintings, 211 drawings, 39 jewels, 2 sculptures, 1 hologram and 11 lithographs.

Behind every acquisition is a team of experts conducting a process of research (scholarly and financial) and the Board of Trustees who must decide on the significance of the acquisition for the collection and take responsibility for its purchase, thereby obtaining the great satisfaction of enhancing and expanding a unique collection: Dalí’s.

This collection has steadily expanded from the purchase of the first canvas, The Apotheosis of the Dollar, to that of the jewels of the former Owen Cheathan Collection and of many oil paintings from the Surrealist period. Indeed, we may now confidently declare that no one can fully experience or comprehend Dalí’s œuvre without visiting the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the Portlligat house and Púbol Castle. The Surrealist Dalí is now well and truly represented in his museum, as is the jewel-designer, the draughtsman, the writer, the stage-designer and the film-maker.

Over the past fifteen years we have dedicated a large part of our efforts to the task of acquiring further works and, thanks to our committed, dynamic and innovative management, have proved highly successful. This policy of acquisition allows us to exhibit a magnificent array of Dalí works in the Figueres museum while maintaining a presence in Japan, China and Taiwan, Italy, Greece, the United States, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, France and many other countries, either in the form of individual loans or through exhibitions of selected works, which break all records for visitor-attendance”.